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Freightos does the hard work for you by helping you instantly compare freight quotes from awesome forwarders on the Freightos Marketplace. But it’s still important to know what goes into choosing a great logistics provider?

So we’re pulling back the curtain to tell you what our freight experts look for:

Their Network

This is, after all, why you’re using a freight forwarder in the first place. If you’re a global business, then the freight forwarder needs to be able accommodate the size and scope of your shipments. Most forwarders will specialize in imports and exports from specific countries, relying on a global network of sister companies, agents or overseas offices for local delivery or pickup in other countries. The better connections they have, the better prices and service you’ll get.

Communication/Customer Service

When it comes to freight forwarders, you’re choosing an agent you trust to handle your valued goods.

As a logistics service provider, your forwarder should communicate regularly and transparently with you. If you wait days to get a freight quote before shipping, imagine how you’ll feel if you wait for days to get a status update on delayed cargo. You need a forwarder that you can get a hold of if something goes wrong at customs, the warehouse, or even if the ship is just running late. More importantly, they should provide a value-add, helping you with any freight quotes.

Of course, prices are instant on the Freightos Marketplace.


Freight forwarding is a relationship-based industry. A good forwarder should have plenty of references. You’ll notice that Freightos includes crowd-sourced reviews from all clients, making sure that you’re not picking a forwarder in the dark. Another option is to check out this freight forwarder list to find the right match for you.


If a forwarder specializes in shipping from China, but you’re shipping from Brazil, then it’s not your best option. Not all forwarders ship to all parts of the world, deal with the same commodities or can deal with oversized shipments. This is particularly true if your shipping specific types of goods. If you want to ship a full subway train, you’ll definitely need a specialized shipper. Same if you’re shipping a car, bulk liquids or commodities, like wheat.

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